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With Denay, my daughter has learned a great deal not only about horseback riding but also about caring for and understanding horses.
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Denay is a great instructor, giving kids that “just right” mix of guidance and autonomy that is so important with horses.

Denay Love is the best! She’s an exceptionally skilled instructor and she creates a fun and safe learning environment. Additionally she has 3 different breeds of horses with differing temperaments which allows for broader learning development.
— Shawn D
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Leasing and lessons from Denay have broadened our understanding in both horsemanship and the responsibilities that come with owning a horse. Our confidence and comfort in working with horses has grown dramatically since working with her, not to mention my daughter’s confidence overall. Every time we are with Denay, we learn something new and valuable while having fun at the same time!
— Susanne Nelson

Denay is an outstanding teacher and role model to my daughter, who has been working with Denay for about 2 years. She takes great pride in teaching her students and treats them like they are her own children. My daughter loves being with Denay and the horses and she has become a dear friend of the family.
— Sam V